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Anam Cara Center Reiki Program Goals & Principles

Anam Cara Center Reiki Program Goals & Principles

An ultimate goal of the Anam Cara Center Program is to serve persons in physical, emotional or social need through a holistic, integrated model of care-giving that emphasizes the important role holistic therapies, energy healing, ancestral wisdom and spirituality have in successful health care.

The vision of Anam Cara Center Reiki program is to integrate reiki healing into the total care provided to persons in diverse settings from the earliest stages of life through terminal illness.
We seek to fulfill our vision in partnership with other organizations that share our mission. This is accomplished through our Caring for the Caregivers Reiki project, where reiki is provided and taught to caregivers.

Our Reiki Program operates under the Principles and Values of the Anam Cara Center’s Initiative.

General Principles and Values

- The individual person possesses dignity and worth.
- The energetic and spiritual dimension of a person is an essential part of

an individual’s striving for health, wholeness and meaning in life.
- The energetic and spiritual care of persons is a critical aspect of the total

care offered in the delivery of care for public and private institutions and

- Inclusivity and diversity are foundational values in caregiving services

offered to persons and are valued throughout the structure of Anam Cara

Center’s programs.
- The Anam Cara Reiki program shall promote integrity, competence, respect for the dignity of all persons.
- The Anam Cara Reiki program shall work for the improvement and growth

of a holistic and integrated model of care and service according to its mission.