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Certification Classes

Reiki I/II
Level I covers the history, science  and metaphysical principles behind Reiki.
Suitable for absolute beginners there are no prerequisites.



This level is essential for those who want to practice Reiki professionally. Level II includes the Reiki symbols that enable practitioners to enhance the treatment and perform remote or distant healing. Among the most exciting healing techniques you can learn during this level is treating clients from a distance as well as in past or future time and offers obvious practical advantages especially when you have ailing relatives, friends, loved ones or clients  who can’t make it to a healing session. Apart from enabling Level II  practitioners to treat people, plants and animals, learning the Reiki symbols affords them unique and powerful individual uses which include increasing energy levels, providing protection, developing inborn intuitive abilities and cleansing and harmonising physical spaces.
It is during Level II  that  the theoretical metaphysical principles of Reiki are presented and students reach a higher vibratory level than at Level I. 

This class teaches advanced techniques to strengthen your Reiki energy and practice. This class centers around the Master symbol (at practitioners level)  and empowering ones divine nature upon the eartly plane. ART is the prerequisite for Reiki III/ Master Teacher.

  • Receive the Usui Master Symbol and its significance in connecting and establishing ones Divine Essence on earth.
  • The Reiki Grid—using Crystals to send Reiki continuously
  • Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Moving Meditation- bringing Reiki into the body; clearing the mind; grounding
  • Auric Clearing technique-demonstration and practice
  • Reiki Symbol Meditation to aid in concentration and manifesting

Shinpiden is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’ and is for practitioners who wish to continue their personal journey, a journey that is ongoing long after you complete the course. It is therefore not just about getting the attunements to pass on Reiki to others  but is suitable for those who simply wish to develop their personal Reiki practice.

A Practitioner becomes a Master when they have come far enough along in their development whereby troublesome lifestyle habits and limiting belief systems are taking less and less time and energy away from living a fully conscious life. A Master has taken the responsibility to become a Master of themselves. It is not a designation used for ego inflation or to manipulate others. The mastery is in dealing with oneself so that one is able to stay in his or her own energy and not interfere with the path of another being. A Reiki Master is also able to attune others and pass on their knowledge regarding the system of Reiki.

Training Includes:

  • Manual which may be used for their own teaching purposes
  • Instruction, review and practice in Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden traditional Japanese techniques
  • Usui Reiki Ryoho attunement to Master/Shinpiden level
  • How to perform giving attunements
  • Ethics as a Reiki Master
  • Certification permitting you to teach and initiate into Usui Reiki

The Reiki Precepts:

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing

These precepts are guidelines that represent some of the beneficial effects that Reiki can produce in your life if you work with the energy regularly. They also represent a set of principles that we need to follow on our journey of self healing and self development with Reiki.  What do these principles mean to you? How can you apply them to your life?

Reiki Attunement Process
The Reiki attunement process opens and clears the student’s energy channels or meridians as well as expanding the Ki or life energy holding capacity of the human body. This allows the student to accept the flow of Reiki energy. It is this attunement process that makes Reiki unique and sets it apart from other holistic therapy philosophies. You cannot learn Reiki by simply reading about it, the attunement process had to be experienced. The Reiki philosophy is also compared to a way of life and while there are now myriads of informative books on the subject, Reiki needs to be lived and practiced for it to become effective.


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